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Ever wonder what the video game character is thinking?  You know what they are doing or saying, but what are they really thinking?  Check out these humorous cartoons to take a peek into the minds of video game characters.  You may be surprised.  Interested in Bingo?  Here is an article about online bingo.


01. The Space Fury Alien - What is the secret career he craves.
02. The Dig Dug Guy - See why he doesn't want you to eat the vegetables.
03. The Galaga Ship - Think they don't know when you are bad?  Think again.
04. Berzerk - Find out why this game hates kids.
05. Moon Patrol - Who really programmed Moon Patrol?
06. Pitfall - What are those crocs thinking while Pitfall Harry is standing on their head?
07. Space Invaders - Listen as the Space Invaders talk to each other.
08. Keystone Kapers - What does the police man from this game want? 
09. Venture - What really bugs Winky, the main character from Venture?
10. Donkey Kong - See what really cheeses the big ape.
11. Altered Beast - What allegations are making our main character upset?
12. Frogger - Think a frog can't swim?  He wants to prove you wrong.
13. Gauntlet - One is the loneliest number.  Why playing Gauntlet solo is hard on the characters.
14. Sega Bass Fishing - Go into the mind of a bass fish. 
15. Rampage - Do the monsters of Rampage feel guilt?  Find out here.
16. New Zealand Story - Hear the plea of the little kiwi from the game.
17. Metroid - Two teens finish the game and are surprised by the ending.
18. Super Mario Bros - Mario battles to save the princess but for what?
19. Duck Hunt - See what the dog from Duck Hunt thinks of you.
20. Q*Bert - See why Coiley hates instinct.
21. Kung Fu Master - Groundhog Day comes to the Dojo.
22. Pole Position - The painful life of a Pole Position driver.
23. Sonic the Hedgehog - What does Sonic do with all those rings he collects?
24. Missile Command - The missiles are coming, but what do the people think?
25. Frontline - Look into the mind of the lonely soldier.
26. Primal Rage - Ever feel like you don't have control of your life?  The dinosaurs from Primal Rage can relate.
27. Street Fighter II - What do the fighters talk about while fighting?  Now you can find out.
28. Spy Hunter - See what modern problems plague the Spy Hunter.
29. Smurfs - See one Smurf go to great lengths to save Smurfette.
30. Bomberman - What does Bomberman really hate?
31. Joust - See a conversation between the player and the Fire Troll.
32. Pac-Man - One of the ghosts is having problems.
33. Punch-Out - Hear the sad tale of Glass Joe.
34. Golden Axe - See what the female warrior thinks of her outfit.
35. Anteater - Which famous celebrity is the Anteater jealous of?
36. Sim City - See what problems plague the sims.
37. Tecmo Bowl - The mighty Bo Jackson has a problem with the programmers.
38. Consoles - What do old game consoles think when a new system enters the house?
39. Pac-Man #2 - See why Pac-Man is not a big fan of the Half-Life Orange Box.
40. Jungle King - Why is the woman from Jungle King upset?
41. U-Force - See why the odd NES controller is jealous of the Wii.
42. Alex Kidd - He complains about losing his mascot status.
43. Centipede - What do you do when you are losing a war with bugs?
44. Vigilante - How would you like to be the man who is given the job of saving Madonna?
45. Kid Icarus - See why Kid Icarus is mad a the Nintendo programmers.
46. Scramble - What does Scramble and high gas prices have in common?
47. Time Pilot - The reason he travels back in time has changed.
48. Dr. Mario - Learn about Mario's quick change in occupations.
49. Tetris - What could upset a Tetris block?
50. Mortal Kombat #1 - Should Sub-Zero finish her?
51. Mortal Kombat #2 - Find out what is really dangerous about Mortal Kombat.
52. Rainbow Island - You would think a person who shot out rainbows would be happy.
53. Tomb Raider - See what Lara Croft has to endure.
54. Zaxxon - See why some think that the mighty Zaxxon is technologically inferior.
55. Burgertime - What disturbs the chef?
56. ToeJam and Earl - The hip hop duo are not so relevant.
57. Crash Test Dummies - The state of the economy is even affecting the Crash Test Dummies.
58. Battlezone - The tank driver is experiencing a lack of communication.
59. House of the Dead - Are the zombies the bad guys or is it us?
60. Bonk's Adventure - What does Bonk the caveman want invented?
61. Crazy Climber - Bet you didn't know the Crazy Climber was also a comedian.
62. Mad Planets - Why does he think he is the best pilot?
63. Dig Dug #2 - This time it is Fygar who is the star of the strip.
64. Pac-Man #3 - Bet you didn't know the dots in Pacman could talk.
65. Crash Bandicoot - See why Crash wishes he had a different attack move.
66. Ninja Gaiden - It is tough being the star of one of the hardest video games ever.
67. Mortal Kombat #3 - See why you should never trust medical advice from an amateur.
68. A Boy and his Blob - The blob is addicted to jellybeans.
69. Sinistar - He hungers, but can he ever be satisfied?
70. Antarctic Adventure - What keeps the penguin in Antarctica?
71. Super Mario Bros #2 - Another strip with Mario as he is getting a headache.
72. Arkanoid - Our first two page What They're Thinking strip!  See what is in the mind of tiles.
73. Pong - The first game is finally featured here. 
74. Donkey Kong 3 - Stanley the Bugman explains what the worst part of being in the game is.
75. Circus Charlie - What kind of advice can a clown give you?
76. Elevator Action - What is the real reason he infiltrates the building?
77. Paperboy - What is the paperboy waiting for?
78. Double Dragon - How dumb are the villains in Double Dragon?  Very.
79. Pengo - Pengo complains about kicking blocks of ice.
80. Dragon's Lair -  See what Dirk is thinking about his many deaths.
81. Popeye - What humiliation must Popeye endure?
82. Luigi's Mansion - Why is Luigi upset about his first solo game?


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