What's New on Arcade After Dark?

Welcome to the What's News section of the website.  This will tell you what has been recently added to the website and give you quick links to check it out!  So check back often to see what is new on the site.

A new Video Game Therapy is up!  This time it is Q*Bert trying to get cured of his cussing.

A new Troll and Stick is up!  This one features the Dead Rising for the XBOX One.

Finally a new strip!  A new On Tapp is up!  It is titled Girl's Night Out.

Also added two new What They're Thinking.  They feature the arcade game, Popeye and the Nintendo console game, Luigi's Mansion.

A new On Tapp is up!  See what new device the bartender bought to clean up the bar.

A new What They're Thinking is up!  This one features Dragon's Lair.

A new Troll and Stick is finally up!  This one deals with Super Mario on the Wii U.

Also added some new backgrounds to the Video Game Artwork section from the Super Mario Wii U game.

After a long wait, a new Jr Critics is here!  This time they take on one of the worst games, Superman for the N64.

A new On Tapp is up!  This one features the star of the Sega Saturn game, Nights Into Dreams.

Completely revamped the tshirt section of the Video Game For Sale.  Redid all them, taking out dead links, adding new products and adding a bunch of new lines including - Angry Birds, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, Mortal Kombat, Playstation, Resident Evil and XBOX.

A new Video Game Therapy is up!  Finally made the Asteroids one into a comic strip.  Enjoy!

Finally some new content!  A new is up What They're Thinking!  This one features Pengo.


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