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Welcome to Troll and Stick, the newest comic strip on Arcade After Dark.  This one features two teenage boys who are not shown but you see their word balloons.  Troll is the one who likes new video games and has a box shaped letter balloon.  Troll is short for Controller. 

Stick is the other teen who likes classic video games and has the round shaped letter balloon.  Stick is short for joystick.  Their comic strips will rotate between new and old games.  They will mostly complain and argue about which games are better, new games or classic games.  Be warned that unlike the other strips on this site, these may contain some more mature images and language.  Nothing bad, but probably rated PG13 as opposed to the rest of the site that is between G and PG rating.

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          About - Read about the idea of the strip and short bios of the characters.
    01. Grand Theft Auto - Stick wonders what the appeal of Grand Theft Auto is.  (2 pages)
    02. Ms. Pac-Man - Troll wants to know the difference between Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man. (2 pages)
    03. Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back - Troll tells why classic games are like school. (2 pages)
    04. Tomb Raider- Troll and Stick talk about what video game character they would be. (2 pages)
    05. Gears of War - Stick tries to explain the law of diminishing returns and trading in games to Troll.  (3 pages)
    06. Donkey Kong - Troll and Stick argue about why some classic games are valuable. (4 pages)
    07. Freeway - Troll laughs at the classic Activision game. (2 pages)
    08. Lair - Troll tells how the disappearance of dragons, the great flood and Atlantis are all linked.  (2 pages)
    09. Pitfall - Stick is trying for a perfect game in Pitfall. (3 pages)
    10. Bioshock - Troll tries a scheme to raise money for video games. Maybe they would take Medifast coupons as payment. (3 pages)
    11. River Raid - Stick gives Troll a quick lesson on female programmers. (3 pages)
    12. Blank - Troll is protesting the loss of his video game systems for a month. (3 pages)
    13. Splatterhouse 3 - Troll welcomes Stick to the dark side. (3 pages)
    14. Gauntlet - Troll tells how he tricked his parents into giving him his games back.  (3 pages)
    15. Marble Madness - Stick gives Troll a history lesson about video games and the Cerny Method. (3 pages)
    16. Cars - Troll is forced to play a present his grandmother bought him, the Cars video game. (2 pages)
    17. Adventure - Stick tries to tell Troll about the historical relevance of Adventure. (3 pages)
    18. Viva Piñata - Troll's grandmother gets him Viva Piñata for Christmas. (3 pages)
    19. James Bond - The duo argue about whether the 1950's were cool or not. (3 pages)
    20. Halo 3 - The duo argue about which video game characters would make good teachers. (3 pages)
    21. Shark! Shark! - The boys talk about what kind of animal they would be. (3 pages)
    22. Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Troll talks about how his parents play the Wii. (3 pages)
    23. Strawberry Shortcake - Troll questions Stick's manhood.  (3 pages)
    24. World of Warcraft - Troll buys a character to get rich. (4 pages)
    25. Chase the Chuckwagon - Stick is playing his latest find, Chase the Chuckwagon. (4 pages)
    26. Wii Fit - Stick catches Troll playing Wii Fit. (3 pages)
    27. Elevator Action EX - Stick tries out his Gameboy television adaptor with Troll bugging him. (3 pages)
    28. Soul Calibur 4 - The duo argue about who could beat Darth Vader in a fight. (4 pages)
    29. Galaga - The boys argue about having multiple copies of the same game. (4 pages)
    30. Rock Band - Troll practices on Rock Band to be a guitarist for Kiss. (4 pages)
    31. Conan - Troll argues how Conan it he ultimate male. (4 pages)
    32. Popeye - Stick explains why Popeye and Bluto fight over Olive Oyl. (3 pages)
    33. Newsgroups - Troll wants to start flame wars in a newsgroup. (3 pages)
    34. Porkys - The boys have a fight and end their friendship. (3 pages)
    35. DC vs Mortal Kombat - Troll looks for a replacement for Stick.  Enter Excitable Boy.  (3 pages)
    36. Karate Kid - Troll comes over to make up with Stick. (3 pages)
    37. Starcraft - Troll begins training to be a famous Starcraft player.  (3 pages)
    38. Pacmania - The boys talk about how Pacman and Ms. Pacman reproduce.  (4 pages)
    39. Left 4 Dead - While playing a zombie game, the boys talk about surviving a world overrun with zombies.  (4 pages)
    40. E.T. - Stick challenges Troll to make a better game than ET on the Atari 2600. (3 pages)
    41. Watchmen - Stick educates Troll on all the good movies that are based on comic books.  (6 pages)
    42. Dungeon Master - Stick tries to ignore Troll while playing Dungeon Master.  (6 pages)
    43. Burnout Revenge - Troll uses Burnout to train for his driving exam. (5 pages)
    44. Hangman - Troll makes fun of Stick for playing Hangman on the Atari 2600. (3 pages)
    45. Ghostbusters - Troll and Stick talk about the existence of ghosts. (5 pages)
    46. Final Fantasy VII - Stick tells Troll how he is investing in shrinkwrapped PS1 games. (5 pages)
    47. Afrika - Once again, Troll gets a game from his grandmother for Christmas. (5 pages)
    48. Dracula - This time they argue which monster is better, zombies or vampires.  (5 pages)
    49. Call of Duty 2 - Troll decides he wants to join the army after playing this game. (4 pages)
    50. Desert Speedway - Troll speaks of his dislike for Road Runner and Tweety Bird. (4 pages)
    51. Red Dead Redemption - Much to Stick's dismay, Troll is going for the Dastardly Achievement. (4 pages)
    52. Smurfs - Stick drives Troll crazy with Smurf Talk. (4 pages)
    53. Super Mario Wii U - Stick teases Troll about playing another Mario game. (4 pages)
    54. Dead Rising 3 - Stick accuses Troll of being a follower.  (3 pages)


Troll and Stick © 2007-2013 Tom Zjaba


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