This series started back in Retrogaming Times and is one of the main influences for this website.  It featured video game characters going to Dr. I.M. Sane to talk about their problems.  I decided that it fit well on this site and have brought it over.  Look for many new ones to be added.


01. Stanley the Bugman - The star of Donkey Kong 3 has issues with MAME and his nickname. (3 pages)
02. Jr Pac-Man  - The forgotten child of Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man has some issues. (3 pages)
03. Pterodactyl - See the "unbeatable" Pterodactyl from Joust deal with his title. (3 pages)
04. Zookeeper - What dark secret does the Zookeeper have? (3 pages)
05. Sno-Bees - The enemies from Pengo want him dead, but why? (3 pages)
06. Pitfall Crocodiles - See what being stepped on can do to a Crocodile's self esteem. (2 pages)
07. Fishing Derby Shark - A shark with an eating disorder? (3 pages)
08. The Alpha Monster - The letter monster from Mr. Do wants a change of career. (5 pages)
09. Adventure Bat - Is the bat a klepto or a bad trader? (5 pages)
10. Invisible Wall - An Invisible Wall comes to send a message to gamers. (4 pages)
11. Bomberman - With his name causing him all kinds of problems, he turns to therapy. (4 pages)
12. Glass Joe - Find out what really scares Glass Joe. (3 pages)
13. KC Munchkin - The star of the Odyssey 2 games suffers from paranoia.  (4 pages)
14. Tetris - A Tetris block comes suffering from Claustrophobia. (4 pages)
15. Asteroid - Don't think rocks have feelings?  Read this and find out how wrong you are. (5 pages)
16. Q*Bert
- Can Q*Bert be cured of his cussing?
Pauline - See what happened to Mario's first girlfriend.
18. Evil Otto - What kind of job does the main villain from Berzerk want?
19. Megaman - What problem does the Blue Hero have?



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