Video Game Therapy
The Pauline Session

Today Dr Sane is visited by Mario's first video game love, Pauline. Let us listen in as she pours her heart out to Dr N. Sane

Pauline - Doctor, will I ever get over him?

Dr Sane - Who are we referring to?

Pauline - Why my true love, Mario.

Dr Sane - Do you speak of Mario from the Donkey Kong and Super Mario games?

Pauline - Yes, the man who tore my heart out and ripped it to shreds.

Dr Sane - I see. And why do you think Mario tore out your heart and ripped it to shreds?

Pauline - Because he dumped me for her.

Dr Sane - And who is the woman he dumped you for?

Pauline - That man stealing tramp, Princess Peach.

Dr Sane - Interesting. And why do you think he did this?

Pauline - Because he wants to be a prince. I doubt she really is a princess. Who ever heard of the Mushroom Kingdom? Sounds like some hippie commune to me.

Dr Sane - Tell me about your relationship with Mario?

Pauline - In the first Donkey Kong game, he had to rescue me from Donkey Kong. I figured any man who would risk life and limb to save me from a gigantic ape was the man of my dreams.

Dr Sane - And what happened after he saved you?

Pauline - At first it was great, we were so in love. Then he got itchy feet. He needed excitement in his life. Before I knew it he was messing with Donkey Kong again. Then he was hanging out with his good for nothing brother, Luigi. They would go away for days at a time. When he came back, he stunk. I told him that I was sick of him disappearing and told him to choose between me and his brother. That was the last I heard of him.

Dr Sane - And how does Princess Peach fit into this?

Pauline - It was soon after he left that I heard he was shacking up with that so called princess. I know they were together all the time and he was just waiting for us to break up to make it official.

Dr Sane - What makes you think that?

Pauline - His alibis were weak. He told me that he was battling creatures in the sewers with his brother, but I know he was using the sewer smell to hide the perfume smell of Princess Peach. I was not born yesterday, I know when a man is trying to hide something.

Dr Sane - This is going to take some time for us to work this out. Please make an appointment with my secretary and I will see you in a week.

(This is actually the second Pauline Video Game Therapy I have done.  I did one a few years ago for Retrogaming Times Monthly, a newsletter that continued after  I stopped my newsletter.  If you want to read the original Pauline one, here is the link ).


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