Video Game Therapy
The Mega Man Session

World renowned video game star, Mega Man, has paid the good doctor a visit. See what is disturbing this world famous star.

Dr. Sane - It is a pleasure to have someone as prominent as yourself here. Welcome!

Mega Man - Thanks, but just treat me like every other client.

Dr. Sane - Fair enough, what brings you to my practice?

Mega Man - I am having identity problems.

Dr. Sane - Identity problems? Please elaborate.

Mega Man - As you know Doc, I am a video game hero. With the emphasis on hero. I have my own cartoon show and I am a role model for kids.

Dr. Sane - And how is this a problem?

Mega Man - It is hard to say. You are bound to keep everything I say secret, right?

Dr. Sane - I am legally bound to keep all conversations here confidential.

Mega Man - Good, because this could ruin my career.

Dr. Sane - Your secrets are safe with me.

Mega Man - OK. If you ever played any of my games, you know that I defeat the villains and I then take their weapons.

Dr. Sane - Yes, I am familiar with your game.

Mega Man - Well, I take all these weapons home. At first I told myself that I was taking them for safe keeping. I did not want them to fall back into the hands of my enemies. But lately, I have been fantasing about using them for evil.

Dr. Sane - Evil? Please say it isn't so.

Mega Man - I am sorry to say it is. I have even created costumes and secret identities. I put the costumes on, pull out the weapons and fantasize about what it must be like to point it at an innocent person and make them beg for mercy.

Dr. Sane - You haven't acted out on these fantasies?

Mega Man - Not yet, but I feel I may. I have fantasized that the mailman is my arch-nemesis and I need to rid the world of him. I feel it is only a matter of time before I freeze him or burn him to a crisp.

Dr. Sane - I think you may want to start with removing the weapons from your home.

Mega Man - You want to take away my weapons? But I cannot give them up.

Dr. Sane - If you want to get better, you need to get rid of the objects of your fantasies.

Mega Man - I don't know Doc, I may need them.

Dr. Sane - Trust me, you will feel better once you are free of this burden.

Mega Man - OK Doc, I will trust you.

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