Video Game Therapy
The Evil Otto Session

Evil Otto the famed boss from the hit video game Berzerk is here to see Dr. Sane. What problems can he have? Listen in and find out.

Dr. Sane - Let me look over your file. You are Evil Otto, the main bad guy from the hit video game Berzerk, correct?

Evil Otto - Guilty as charged.

Dr. Sane - What can I do for you today?

Evil Otto - I'm tired of being evil, I wanna change.

Dr. Sane - I see. What made you come to this conclusion?

Evil Otto - I'm tired of kids running from me. Even dogs are scared of me.

Dr. Sane - But with the smile on your face, you hardly look evil.

Evil Otto - I know and I want to make people happy. I want to be Otto the Clown and make kids laugh.

Dr. Sane - What is stopping you?

Evil Otto - I don't know. I guess that I have been evil for so long that I cannot stop myself.

Dr. Sane - Please elaborate.

Evil Otto - I got a job as a clown at a children's birthday party and everything was going great. But then one of the kids throws a water balloon at me and next thing I know, I am bouncing around and stomping on all the kids.

Dr. Sane - And were you punished for your actions?

Evil Otto - I was given 100 hours of community service and ordered to go to therapy for anger management. So here I am.

Dr. Sane - I see. Tell how you felt after you stomped the kids at the party?

Evil Otto - At first I loved the look of terror in their little faces. I felt so powerful again. But then as I saw them kids crying and the parents pulling their kids to safety, I realized how much I scared and hurt the kids. Poor little Billy will never forget his seventh birthday.

Dr. Sane - Was anyone seriously hurt?

Evil Otto - Not really. Most of the kids were just bruised a bit. I know I look imposing, but I am really just a big bouncy ball.

Dr. Sane - There are some real issues that we need to address here. Please make an appointment with my secretary for next week.

Evil Otto - Doc, will I ever be able to be a clown again? I really want to be a clown again.

Dr. Sane - It is too early to tell. But we will see what we can do.

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