Video Game Therapy
The Asteroids Session

One of the interesting things about Dr. Sane's sessions is they are not always with humans. In fact, they are often with animals or in this case, a rock. Being a video game therapist, he has to help animals, plants and even minerals. So sit in and see if he can cure a rock.

Dr. Sane - Ummm...hello! Who might you be?

Asteroid - I am an asteroid.

Dr. Sane - Do you have a name, Mr. Asteroid?

Asteroid - Not that I know of. Should I have a name?

Dr. Sane - Only if you want one. Let us continue. What brings you here today?

Asteroid - I feel incomplete.

Dr. Sane - What brings on this feeling?

Asteroid - It's a long story.

Dr. Sane - I cannot help you if you do not tell me the source of your problem.

Asteroid - It all started when a bunch of us asteroids were roaming around the galaxy. We love to just roam around and see the different planets. I especially like the planets with rings around them. They are so pretty from a distance. Probably my favorite...

Dr. Sane - May I remind you that you are paying by the hour.

Asteroid - Oh yeah, I forgot. Anyway, we were roaming around the galaxy when this ship flew up and just started blasting us asteroids. I have no idea what provoked it, he just attacked us for no apparent reason.

Dr. Sane - And how does this make you feel incomplete?

Asteroid - I was getting to it.

Dr. Sane - So sorry, please continue.

Asteroid - As I was saying, he just started blasting us asteroids. And as he shot us, we broke into smaller pieces. And then he shot us again and we got even smaller. Most of my friends were blown to space dust, but I somehow escaped. And so I am now just a small rock, where I used to be a big asteroid and I am feel a bit inadequete.

Dr. Sane - Have you looked for your missing parts?

Asteroid - He blasted them to space dust.

Dr. Sane - I understand.

Asteroid - Is there anything you can do to help me? Can you make me feel complete again?

Dr. Sane - It is going to take some time, but I think we can help you learn to cope. Make an appointment with my secretary and I will talk to some colleagues about different options.

Asteroid - Thanks Doc! I really hate feeling so small.

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