Monopoly Inspires VirginGames

Who hasn't played Monopoly? Chances are you've played more than one version. In fact, most people have gotten in some arguments over the classic game of property trading. If Monopoly were real life, we might all be Donald Trump, if we were winning, that is.

Monopoly has been around since 1934, and few things have changed since its advent. You might say this is because the game play is easy to understand and fun. Using dice to move your pawn, decide how much money you owe or get out of jail adds an element of chance to the game. You never know if you'll win, and even if you seem to be in the lead, you could lose on your next turn.

Monopoly has spawned many official versions, including those that integrate digital debit cards and calculators and games that celebrate the millennium. If you've ever played on a deluxe version with playing pieces plated in gold, then you know some people are serious Monopoly fans. You don't need an actual game board, either. Digital versions exist on all the popular gaming consoles, while several versions for your PC are also available. You might say that Monopoly has monopolized the game market.

More recent versions of the game continue in the virtual world. They include games like Monopoly on Pogo, a free games website, and VirginGames Monopoly Slots. You can try out the free demo to see what all the fuss is about. You'll quickly see symbols that represent familiar properties and the utilities. If you land on one of those, you even get to roll the dice for a bonus award.

Remember how much you liked to land on Community Chest or Chance, as long as you weren't paying taxes on houses and hotels? The online slots game also incorporates the popular Monopoly terms. There's a chance that you'll wind up directly in jail, but you could move to a property or utility, land on GO or receive a cash prize or extra rolls. All of those certainly make more an existing slot game.

You'll also see benefits from playing the game for more than just a few spins. The Board Bonus allows you to level up, and each new level comes with its own perks. For example, you'll get extra game modes when you're an Executive, and a Luminary has the chance to earn double the rewards when landing on hot properties.

You might even like Monopoly Slots better than you do the real game. After all, no other players can cheat you out of your Monopoly or conspire against you. With coin sizes between 1 point and 50, you're sure to find the sweet spot that keeps you glue to the edge of your seat.

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