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What do video game characters do when they are washed up?  They criticize other video games of course.  And who better to do this than one time arcade stars: Donkey Kong Jr and Jr. Pac-Man.  Watch as they poke fun at home and arcade games.  They give a point of view that can only be seen by - Jr Critics! 

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1st Issue - Ghosts n Goblins - They start off with poking fun at Ghosts n Goblins. (3 pages long)
2nd Issue - Space Harrier - They set their sights on Space Harrier. (4 pages long)
3rd Issue Caveman Ninja - Look out stone age, as they mock Caveman Ninja. (3 pages long)
4th Issue - Atari 2600 - First of a two parter where the Jrs are forced to visit Atari 2600 games. (3 pages long)
5th Issue - Atari 2600 #2 - The second part of the Atari 2600 with Texas Chainsaw and Sneak n Peek. (3 pages long)
6th Issue Cabbage Patch Kids - This time they take on the Cabbage Patch Kids game on the Colecovision. (3 pages long)
7th Issue - Journey - They are now going after the rock group Journey in their video game debut. (3 pages long)
8th Issue - Splatterhouse - The Jr Critics invade the Splatterhouse with special guest, Ozzy's Head! (3 pages long)
9th Issue - Punisher - This time the Jr Critics set their sights on the Punisher arcade game.  (3 pages long)
10th Issue - Jungle King - The Jr Critics Overthrow the Jungle King.  Lots of hair jokes. (3 pages long)
11th Issue - Where's Waldo - Time to get geeky with Where's Waldo.  (3 pages long)
12th Issue - Ninja Clown - Side scrolling beat-em ups ran out of ideas when Ninja Clown was made.  (4 pages long)
13th Issue - Super Burgertime - Instead of grilling Super Burgertime, the Jr Critics grill each other.  (3 pages long)
14th Issue - Poke-Critics - With the Jr Critics gone, Tom has to find replacements.  Welcome the Poke-Critics! (3 pages long)
15th Issue - Crazy Climber 2 - Get crazy with the return of the Jr. Critics as they mock Crazy Climber 2. (4 pages long)
16th Issue - Jurassic Park - This time they head to Jurassic Park, a shooter from Sega.  (6 pages long)
17th Issue - Alpiner - The Jr Critics tackle the TI 99/4A computer game, Alpiner.  Maybe this will inspire someone to earn an online degree. (3 pages long)
18th Issue - Smurfs - Back to the Colecovision to mock Smurfs. (3 pages long)
19th Issue - Monsters in my Pocket - To the NES to mess with the toy based game, Monsters in my Pocket. (3 pages long)
20th Issue - Burglar X - We look hard for bad games and this time we found one!  Burglar X is a true stinker. (3 pages long)
21st Issue - Black Heart - The Jr Critics attack the forgotten arcade game, Black Heart. (4 pages long)
22nd Issue - Altered Beast - The arcade classic from Sega, Altered Beasts is their target this time.  (3 pages long)
23rd Issue - Moonwalker - Michael Jackson's Moonwalker is the target of this issue of Jr Critics.  (4 pages long)
24th Issue - Spider-Man - With Spider-Man 3 at theatres, the Jr Critics go after the Spider-Man arcade game. (5 pages long)
25th Issue - NES Boxes - Special anniversary issue feature the Jr Critics making fun of NES Boxes.  (4 pages long)
26th Issue - American Gladiators - Turn back the clocks as the Jr Critics tackle the American Gladiators! (4 pages long)
27th Issue - Hard Head 2 - The critics knock on the arcade travesty, Hard Head 2. (4 pages long)
28th Issue - Pacland - Jr Pac-Man comes home to the side scrolling Pac-man game. (3 pages long) 
29th Issue - Kato and Ken - This forgotten Turbo Grafx import is kicked to the curb.  (3 pages long)
30th Issue - McDonald's Treasureland - The Jr Critics grill the Sega Genesis classic.  Tons of guest stars.  (4 pages long)
31st Issue - Oriental Legends - Make way for the Cute Critics!  These cute guys try to replace the Jr. Critics.  (3 pages long)
32nd Issue - Super Troll Islands - Watch as the Jr Critics mock these cute and hairy toys. (3 pages long)
33rd Issue - Space Bomber - This time a shooter is mocked.  And what a strange one it is. (4 pages long)
34th Issue - Super Noah's Ark 3-D - The forgotten Super NES game is sunk. (5 pages long)
35th Issue - Twin Action - While mocking this shooter, Jr Pac-Man's mind goes into the gutter.  (3 pages long)
36th Issue - Under Fire - The Taito shooter is the latest target of the Jr. Critics. (3 pages long)
37th Issue - Hunt the Wumpus - The jokes fly like bullets at this computer classic. (4 pages long)
38th Issue - Night Trap - The Jr. Critics take on one of the worst games of all-time, the FMV disaster, Night Trap.  Rated PG-13.  (6 pages long)
39th Issue - Shaq Fu - Continuing the trend, the Jr Critics put the beat down on another of the worst games of all-time, Shaq Fu.  (5 pages long)
40th Issue - Ninja Baseball Batman - With a name like that, how could the critics not mock it?  Yeah, it is as bad as the name. (6 pages long)
41st Issue - It's Mr. Pants - What happens when you mix underwear and video games?  You get a game asking to be mocked.  (3 pages long)
42nd Issue - Hooters Road Trip - Watch as the Jr Critics are even more immature than usual with the Hooter Girls.  (5 pages long)
43rd Issue - Platoon - The NES game is the latest target of the Jr. Critics as they navigate the mazes of the jungle.  (4 pages long)
44th Issue - Toys - The Jr Critics are bombarded with deadly toys.  (4 pages long)
45th Issue - Superman - One of the worst games of all time, Superman for the N64 is mocked by the Jr. Critics. (4 pages long)


Jr Critics Tom Zjaba
Donkey Kong Jr Nintendo
Jr. Pac-Man Namco
Arcade Games and console games are of their respective companies.

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