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Here is a collection of various clip art and backgrounds that I have used in different comic strips. 
Now you can use this artwork to make your own video game comic strips!  Look for more to be added in the future! 


(To get the artwork, all you need to do is right click with your mouse on the image and then select copy.)

BackgroundsHere are a ton of different background pics to use in your comic strips.      
        Letter A - Alfred Chicken, Altered Beast and more!
        Letter B - Bionic Commando, Batman, Bubble Bobble and more!
Letter C - Castlevania, Centipede and more!
Letter D - Donkey Kong, Doom, Dungeons and Dragons and more!
Letter E & F - Final Fantasy and more!
Letter G - Gauntlet, Ghosts and Goblins and more!
Letter H & I - Hogan's Alley, Ikari Warriors and more!
Letter J - Jr Pac-Man and more!
Letter K - Kangaroo and Kung Fu
Letter L - Lemmings, Link and more!
Letter M - Mappy, Mario Bros, Megaman and more!
Letter N & O - Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Baseball Batman!
Letter P & Q - Pac-Man, Popeye, Pokemon, Q*Bert and m
Letter R - Robotron and more!

 Letter S - Simpsons, Spiderman, Super Mario, Superman and more!
Letter T - Tapper, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Tetris and more!
Letter U & V - Venture, Voodoo Vince and more!
 Letter W - Wario and Wizard of Wor!
Letter X to Z - Yoshi, Zaxxon, Zookeeper and more!


(All artwork is property of the respective parties.  These images are up solely for the enjoyment of video game fans and not meant to infringe on anyone's rights.)