Welcome to the prose story for Arcade After Dark!  This was the story idea that is the basis for the whole website.  This story contains original characters that I created for the story that are loosely based on arcade game characters.  It is the story of what these characters do after the arcade is closed and their machines are turned off.  Check back to follow the continuing saga of the Arcade After Dark gang.


Chapter One - This is the introduction chapter that tells who the characters are and the basis of the story.
Chapter Two - A new game arrives and it features a female character.  How will it affect the gang?
Chapter Three - The gang experiences the home versions of themselves. 
Chapter Four - See what happens when two of the characters switch games.
Chapter Five - Billy is sick and needs to be repaired.  Is this the end of Billy the Block?
Chapter Six - A new game arrives in the arcade called Jungle Drums. 
Chapter Seven - Captain Moon Man gets Roadkill Bill to go with him to explore his machine.
Chapter Eight - The return of Billy the Block along with a few friends of his.
Chapter Nine - Toyboy decides to leave the arcade and see the world.
Chapter Ten - A laser disc game comes to the arcade and causes excitement.
Chapter Eleven - The group checks out the new laser disc game and gets a surprise.
Chapter Twelve - The group deals with the death of a video game.
Chapter Thirteen - Some burglars break into the arcade to steal a machine.


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Arcade After Dark Tom Zjaba

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