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Welcome to On Tapp, the comic strip starring the bartender from Tapper.  Watch as he is visited by different characters of the video game world, who stop in to wet their whistle. 
So sit down at the bar for a round of drinks and get

"On Tapp!"

bullet Issue #1 - Test Issue - The first issue is an introduction to the series and a chance for me to test out Comic Creator.
bullet Issue #2 - Pac-Man - What better character to start with than Pac-Man?
bullet Issue #3 - Pac-Man and Q*Bert - See Pac-Man and Q*Bert arguing. 
bullet Issue #4 -Lemmings - See the lovable characters invade the bar.
bullet Issue #5 - Final Fantasy - See what happens when they find out it isn't the Final Fantasy. (2 pages)
bullet Issue #6 - Donkey Kong - See what happens when the great ape is unhappy with the beverage selection.
bullet Issue #7 - Dig Dug vs Mr. Do - Watch as the two characters from their respective games argue.
bullet Issue #8 - The New Cook - See what happens when a new cook is hired at the bar.
bullet Issue #9 - Kirby and the Burgers - All you can eat hamburgers and Kirby are a recipe for natural disaster. 
bullet Issue #10 - Jr Critics - Watch as the Jr Critics try to get a beer. 
bullet Issue #11 - Bubble Bobble - See when the Bub and Bob come for some champagne.
bullet Issue #12 - Russian - Watch as Strider and Karnov argue about who is the great Russian based video game.
bullet Issue #13 - Popeye - Watch as Popeye and Brutus battle over Olive Oyl.
bullet Issue #14 - Seaman - The main character of the Sega simulator game Seaman comes to annoy the bartender.
bullet Issue #15 - Space Invaders - The Space Invaders come to dance at the bar.
bullet Issue #16 - Grand Theft Auto - See what scares even Tommy Vercetti of Grand Theft Auto 3.
bullet Issue #17 - 8-Bit Reunion - See how many of the 8-Bit NES games you can name.
bullet Issue #18 Chun Li -  One of the main characters from Street Fighter II is upset.  See why.
bullet Issue #19 - Bubble Bobble vs Snow Bros - Another argument issue with Bubble Bobble and the Snow Bros.
bullet Issue #20 Mario - Mario inquires about the bouncer job at the bar.
bullet Issue #21 Link - This time Link inquires about the bouncer job.
bullet Issue #22 Bonk - The last of the bouncer strips.  Bonk is the latest to try for the job.
bullet Issue #23 Villains - All the villains get together and rent out the bar.  See who crashes their party.
bullet Issue #24 Doom - The villains of Doom have taken over the Ontapp bar.  Who will save the bar?
bullet Issue #25 Karaoke - First Karaoke nite at the bar.  See what songs the video game characters are singing.
bullet Issue #26 Splinter Cell - Sam Fisher comes looking for free beer.
bullet Issue #27 Sonic the Hedgehog - Sonic wants to know why he has not appeared in the comic strip.
bullet Issue #28 - Luigi - Not realizing the bouncer gag is over, Luigi comes to apply for the job.
bullet Issue #29 - Ads - Two game characters talk about ads in video games.
bullet Issue #30 - Megaman's Villains - Some of the villains from Megaman gather to talk about how to kill Megaman.
bullet Issue #31 - Pokemon - The bar has been overrun with Pokemon.  Who will the bartender call to help?
bullet Issue #32 - Punch-Out - The Punch-Out gang comes to the bar with a proposal.
bullet Issue #33 - 2600 Tapper - The Atari 2600 Tapper bartender comes for a visit.
bullet Issue #34 - Pengo - Pengo comes to the bar to whine about his lack of job offers.
bullet Issue #35 - Typical Day - See a typical day at the bar. 
bullet Issue #36 - Bionic Commando - The Bionic Commando comes to the bar looking for a job as a bartender.
bullet Issue #37 - Dungeons and Dragons - The monsters of D & D seek help.  (2 pages)
bullet Issue #38 - Duke Nukem - Duke comes to the bar to whine.
bullet Issue #39 - Gex the Gecko - Gex talks about how he keeps getting confused with a commercial spokesman.
bullet Issue #40 - Super Heroes - Batman, Superman and Spider-Man stop by the bar.
bullet Issue #41 - Pacman and the Other Man - Who is Ms. Pac-Man dumping Pac-Man for?
bullet Issue #42 - Chocobos - The Chocobos have invaded the bar.  What caused it?
bullet Issue #43 - Aliens - Crypto comes to the bar to invade it.
bullet Issue #44 - Dragon's Lair - See why Dirk the Daring thinks he superior to other game characters.
bullet Issue #45 - Master Chief - The hero of the Halo trilogy of games comes looking to kill his impersonator.
bullet Issue #46 - Super Monkey Ball - The monkey comes looking to quench his thirst, but he has a problem.
bullet Issue #47 - Speaking Games - Four of the early games with speech talk about suing the game companies.
bullet Issue #48 - Ice Cold Beer - The beer at the bar is suddenly ice cold and delicious.  But how?
bullet Issue #49 - No Smoking - Bub and Bob decide to tease Bonk.
bullet Issue #50 - The 50th Issue - The biggest video game star comes to the bar and everyone argues about who it is. (2 pages)
bullet Issue #51 - Mario Mario Mario - What scares Princess Peach?  How about multiple Marios.
bullet Issue #52 - Link Link Link - What scares Zelda?  How about multiple Links.
bullet Issue #53 - Battletoads - Watch as one of the Battletoads tries to pick up Tifa.
bullet Issue #54 - Paper Mario - When Paper Mario comes to the bar, he is told to leave.  Why?
bullet Issue #55 - Karaoke #2 - Another Karaoke night at the bar as the characters show off their singing ability.
bullet Issue #56 - TMNT - The Ninja Turtles show up for a bite to eat.
bullet Issue #57 - Ghost Problem - Luigi is called in to deal with the ghost problem, but who called him?
bullet Issue #58 - Mistaken Identity - One of the Battletoads gets mistaken for someone else.
bullet Issue #59 - Mike Tyson - Iron Mike is hired to come and beat some eggs?
bullet Issue #60 - Army Men - What melted the Army Man?
bullet Issue #61 - Frogger - See why Frogger is not scared of Death.
bullet Issue #62 - Pikachu - Pikachu and Q*Bert have a conversation.
bullet Issue #63 - Celebrate - Duke Nukem and the Punchout gang celebrate their new games coming out.
bullet Issue #64 - Wario - See Wario put his evil genius to use at the bar.
bullet Issue #65 - Ballgame - To celebrate baseball season, some baseball stars show up to sing "Take Me Out To The Ballgame."
bullet Issue #66 - Ms. Pac-Man - The first lady of video games comes to the bar to drown her sorrows.
bullet Issue #67 - Tommy and Frogger - Tommy Vercetti of GTA 3 fame is annoyed by Frogger.
bullet Issue #68 - Troublemakers - Two of the Street Fighter II characters come to cause trouble.
bullet Issue #69 - Nothing Happening - As the title says, nothing happens in this episode.
bullet Issue #70 - Prince of Persia - The Prince comes to the bar to brag about his upcoming movie.
bullet Issue #71 - Caveman - A caveman comes to ask about where the dancing games went.
bullet Issue #72 - Earthworm Jim - He is back and ready to conquer the video game market.
bullet Issue #73 - Tapper World Tour Part 1 - A new bar arrives in the area.
bullet Issue #74 - Tapper World Tour Part 2 - Ms. Pac-Man tries to console the bartender.
bullet Issue #75 - Desperate - The bartender sinks to new lows to attract customers.
bullet Issue #76 - Nights - The star of the Nights Into Dream game comes to complain about rings.
bullet Issue #77 - Cleanup - See what new device the bartender bought to help clean up the bar.
bullet Issue #78 - Girl's Night Out - How did Princess Peach ditch Mario and finally go to Girl's Night.


On Tapp is copyright Tom Zjaba.  All images and characters are the property of their respective companies.  Images are used solely for the enjoyment of video game fans and not intended as infringement of copyright.

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