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On Tapp Karaoke #2 by Tom Zjaba
Tapper Midway
The rest of the characters Their respective companies
Fyger from Dig Dug



Here is a list of the characters and the songs they are singing in order of their appearance - Bald Bull singing "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" by Pat Benatar, Balloon Fight singing "Up, Up and Away" from the Fifth Dimenson, Fyger from Dig Dug singing "Fire" from the Crazy World of Arthur Brown,   Sinistar singing "Hungry Like the Wolf" from Duran Duran and the Viruses from Dr. Mario singing "Get Down With the Sickness" from Disturbed.

After a wild night of karaoke I'm sure the bar needed a good cleaning. Instead of having your bartender clean, you would be better off hiring a cleaning service. If you've ever been in a NYC bar once it's closed you'd understand how dirty they can get.